IIIF Collective: Petits Volcans

Having an interest in design and décor can develop a tendency to focus exclusively on aesthetics. We follow the path our inclinations lead us down and submerge ourselves in an array of things we find…well, pretty (to put it very simply).
Although once in a while we do come across something that can have the satisfying dual effect of appealing to our taste while also making us think. This is more often the case with art rather than design which often purely strives for aesthetics and/or functionality. Today we’re taking a look at designs by a team of designers that does exactly that – makes us think – with their very simple and yet profound philosophy of “what if?” It’s a question that’s vital to the design process, without it it becomes very difficult to create a mindset that gives us the capability of thinking creatively.

The IIIF collective was founded in 2013 by three designers, Agla Stefánsdóttir and Sigrún Halla Unnarsdóttir from Iceland and Thibaut Allgayer from France, who all met at Kolding School of Design in Denmark.
Their most recent project is one that has immense depth and a lot of thought behind it as it focuses on a parallel found in nature between things that are very different in scale but share certain behaviors.

One is massive and destructive; irregularly and unpredictably wreaking havoc on a colossal scale. The other is delecate, motionless and fragile, for the most part unable to have any profound effect on its immediate surroundings. However – both react in very similar ways to certain changes in pressure and temperature. When cool, both are completely solid and impossible to reshape without breaking but when subjected to a dramatic increase in temperature, both become a molten liquid that glows bright orange. This is a parallel that exists between volcanic lava and glass.

The project is a collection called Petits Volcans and it explores five different stages of volcanoes and translates them in to minimalistic vases and bowls made of glass. Each object is made up of two parts that are blown simultaniously by two different people before coming together. Timing is crucial and if the makers aren’t perfectly synchronised the finished product won’t come out as intended.
In addition to the Petits Volcans collection they also designed a collection of blankets made from 100% Icelandic wool. The collection, produced by VARMA, continues IIIF’s volcano theme and is called Lava Fields.

The entire range, both glass and wool, was showcased during DesignMarch along with marble paint illustrations of each of the Petits Volcans pieces.

Take a look at Petits Volcans and Lava Fields below as well as a video showing the captivating glass-blowing process at CIAV (Centre International d’Art Verrier) in Meistenthal, France.

Submarine Volcano

 IIIF-Petits Volcans - submarine illustration 2

IIIF-Petits Volcans - submarine illustration




Dormant Volcano

IIIF-Petits Volcans - dormant illustration 2

IIIF-Petits Volcans - dormant illustration




Lava Eruption

IIIF-Petits Volcans - lava eruption illustration 2

IIIF-Petits Volcans - lava eruption illustration




Subglacial Eruption

IIIF-Petits Volcans - subglacial illustration 2

IIIF-Petits Volcans - subglacial illustration




Crater Lake

IIIF-Petits Volcans - crater illustration 2

IIIF-Petits Volcans - crater illustration




Lava Fields

LavaFields red 2-IIIF-AnneRombach

LavaFields grey-IIIF-AnneRombach

LavaFields red 1-IIIF-AnneRombach

LavaFields blue-IIIF-AnneRombach

Photos by Anne Rombach


For more information about IIIF Collective visit their website: http://www.iiif.is
their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @iiifcollective

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