Fast Fashion + Sustainability = True

Finally sustainability is becoming trendy! Sustainable fashion is making an entry in the high street stores’ many collections. Swedish clothing chains H&M and Gina Tricot are showing the way for the rest of the fast fashion world.

H&M launched its latest “Conscious Exclusive Collection” today and the campaign features american actress Olivia Wilde. In this collection, the materials vary from linen, lyocell and silk to recycled polyester and plastic. The pieces have great variety and there are much more trendy than basic pieces. There’s a beautiful maxi skirt, a silky white kimono, a luxurious smoking blazer and even accessories have been added to the collection in the form of earrings and black heels.

This is definitely not the first sustainable collection of Swedish giant H&M and it won’t be the last one if we are to trust the CEO Karl-Johan Persson’s words:

“At H&M, we have set ourselves the challenge of ultimately making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable. “

H&MH&MH&MPhotos by Lachlan Bailey / H&M Conscious Collection

Recently, Gina Tricot also launched a sustainable collection, in collaboration with Make it Last’s co-founder and blogger Emma Elwin. Some of the materials used are Tencel, Proviscose, ecological cotton and recycled polyester. What makes this sustainable collection different from some of the previous eco-friendly pieces Gina Tricot has produced? This line doesn’t only include basics but also really trendy pieces, so it still fits the image of the fast fashion store very well.

Gina TricotGina TricotGina Tricot

 Photo courtesy: Gina Tricot

If you want to read more about Gina Tricot’s “The Good Project” and the materials used click here. 

And in case you want to see more of the Scandinavian It Girl Emma Elwin you can see the campaign film here and also hear her talk about the future of fashion here and get her advice on how to build a sustainable wardrobe here.

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