RFF 2015 ⎮ JÖR by GUÐMUNDUR JÖRUNDSSON AW15 collection

JÖR by GUÐMUNDUR JÖRUNDSSON marked Friday the 13th as the day we got smacked in the face leaving us dazed & amazed!

The opening was an almost countdown with lazer beans marking the symbols XIII for the AW15 collection: DREIZHEN. Setting the mood was the melancholic & misty genius of David Lynch in refreshing contrast to a forceful and energetic runway show. The dominant lazers casted a light on each model as they paved the runway continuously counting down to the end. There was no way of anticipating where that end would go as the designer continued to pull the audience into new stages in a process that went from pure white on white, haunting silver grey & finally dominant black. There seemed to be a effortless storyline in line with the music, colour & design playing on gender roles & androgyny by introducing a new being: The Genderless.

The impeccable styling along with various layers of fabrics, tailored suits, signature autocratic coats, haunting shattered prints & play with the dramatic XIII stamp lifted JÖR to a new sophistication of androgyny. The AW15 collection lived every inch up to the expectation with genderless models covered with almost imprisoned prints & paint, however there were no victims on this runway only bloody winners.

_MG_8251 _MG_8261 _MG_8271 _MG_8278 _MG_8303 _MG_8319 _MG_8328 _MG_8336 _MG_8345 _MG_8364 _MG_8373 _MG_8379 _MG_8386 _MG_8415 _MG_8425 _MG_8441 _MG_8449 _MG_8456 _MG_8473 _MG_8480 _MG_8497

Photography by Birta Rán Björgvinsdóttir