Reykjavik Fashion Festival ⎮SIGGA MAIJA

It’s Saturday and one step closer to Iceland’s annual design event, DesignMarch 2015 and take off for this years Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Over the week we have been looking at the six designers showcasing at RFF 2015, to get the scoop on whats to come.



Our next designer needs no introduction with an impressive debut show at RFF 2014, SIGGA MAIJA, is one fresh newcomer. With seductive prints, slick-lined dresses & badass coats, the designer has indeed started off with a bag, making her follow up collection that more thrilling to say the least. Here is her take on the whole thing!


1Q. What is the true essence in the designs by Sigga Maija? 

The SIGGA MAIJA signature is a passion to find the balance between femininity and androgynous tailoring to create a strong, stylish independent woman. The collection covers women’s ready-to-wear with strong attention to details and an emphasis on tailoring, textiles and high-quality fabrics. SIGGA MAIJA’s designs contain humor while still remaining timeless and without resorting to gimmicks. The main focus is on coats and suits mixed with knit and jersey staples.

2Q. What are the main inspirations behind Sigga Maija’s upcoming collection? 

We started to talk together about our first encounters of fashion as teenagers and how that has influenced us as creatives. That brainstorm lead us to funny places and brought up many nostalgic memories. These memories have been our guideline while creating the AW15 collection.

3Q. With your debut last year, which aspect of setting up this years fashion show excites you the most? 

Wow, many things but the fact that we are the opening show of RFF  is a great honor and also really exciting.  There are always so many mixed emotions that go through your head when creating a collection.  To see all those emotions come to life in a fashion show is a great feeling – that is hard to explain.  Its like a drug, you have to try it to know how it feels.

4Q. Which show do you most look forward to see at RFF 2015?

We look forward to seeing all the other shows. Such a great group of designers that are showing this year. And the fact there are 3 new brands that have never been a part of RFF before is also really exciting.


5Q. Any pre-notion of what we can expect from this years Sigga Maija show?

We are not giving anything up at this point. But nice try 😉

6Q. Does Icelandic fashion sell itself or do designers need to be more aggressive?

There is nothing in this world that sells it self. Everybody has to be aggressive and have a strong belief in their product to get it out there.

7Q. Name one ideal person you would like to see wear Sigga Maija designs? 

Chloe Sevigny there is just something about her.  She has been my girl crush since I saw her in the film Kids when I was a teenager.  My first trip going to the cinema alone with some classmates.  I remember how grownup I felt.  Talking about nostalgic memories  –  there you have it 😉

mynd börkur

This is an event not to be missed, SIGGA MAIJA’s collection at RFF during DesginMarch, 12 – 15th of March.

Go to the official RFF website to learn more about the Reykjavik Fashion Festival.

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Image courtesy of RFF 

Photography by Hörður Ingason / Styling by Ellen Lofts

Photography by Börkur Sigþórsson