Reykjavik Fashion Festival ⎮ Scintilla

With Iceland’s annual design event, DesignMarch 2015 fast approaching, we look at the six different designers showcasing at this years Reykjavik Fashion Festival to get a insight into whats ahead.


Scintilla, will be making its debut show at RFF 2015. More excitingly this home textile company will bring its graphic avant-garde prints into fashion pieces. We caught up with Scintilla’s creative director, Linda Björg Árnadóttir, to see what’s coming up for the brand. 


1Q. What is the true essence, which lies in the designs by Scintilla? 

Schintilla´s designs are inspired by the dramatic and graphic landscape and colors of Icelandic nature. We though never use forms and graphics directly into the designs but we process them and it the end I need everything do be looking disciplined and processed. It is all about patterns and graphics and the quality of the fabric. We have created our own world of patterns. Sustainability is also very important to Scintilla. Scintilla is using only organic and natural fabrics and everything is manufactured in Europe.

2Q. What are the main inspirations behind Scintilla’s upcoming collection? 

Landscapes and the horizon. Mountains reflecting in the fjord and the Icelandic midnight sun. We are working with those ideas and turning those images into prints and clothing.


3Q. Ideally how do you see Scintilla developing in the coming years? 

We are aiming to be a company that is equally strong in fashion and home. We have had the home collection for 5 years now and it has been a great success. The plan was always to go into making clothes and this is how we see our selves in the future.

4Q. Which show do you most look forward to see at RFF 2015? 

I look forward to see all of them. I know all the designer personally and think this is a good bunch of designers.

5Q. Any pre-notion of what we can expect from Scintilla for your debut show? 

It is going to be easy and fun. This as almost all knitwear and jerseys and no complicated garments. No fancy dresses or jackets just easy to wear clothes. That is what Scintilla is about. Comfort and quality.

6Q. Finally, does Icelandic fashion sell itself or do designers need to be more aggressive? 

No I don’t think that they need to be more aggressive. Each designer has to come up with their own signature style and attitude that can not be copied and then they have to find a way to get their collections to the market. It is a problem that we are a big away from the markets and no designer can survive on the Icelandic market alone. So the designers have to be clever and find a way.


Make sure not to miss out on Scintilla’s debut show at RFF 2015 during this years DesginMarch, 12 – 15th of March.

Go to the official RFF website to learn more about the Reykjavik Fashion Festival.


Images courtesy of RFF & Scintilla