Reykjavik Fashion Festival ⎮ JÖR by GUÐMUNDUR JÖRUNDSSON

Happy Friday, again we look at the upcoming design event, DesignMarch 2015 & the six different designers showcasing at this years Reykjavik Fashion Festival to get a insight into whats ahead.



This next entry is no stranger to the RFF scene, with a dark & memorable runway show last year, JÖR by GUÐMUNDUR JÖRUNDSSON is an exciting force & relative newcomer to the Icelandic fashion scene. With graphically tailored garments & gothic lines JÖR seems to exceed expectations each season and his upcoming collection will be no exception.


1Q. What is the true essence in the designs by JÖR? 
As a designer I started out being all about menswear and classic menswear tailoring. I studied formal wear and big part of the brand is all about the menswear tailoring. I see it as the first layer. I always envisioned this part of me being the core of my brand, adding on womenswear. Our design team; Dainius Bendikas, Hrafnhildur Hólmgeirsdóttir and Rik Mcnair all have a big say in the design process and the development of the brand. We have an amazing team and a versatile one. Today JÖR stands for “menswear inspired gothic androgyny” — If too describe it. We focus a lot on the world of the brand and the world of each collection. We mix both traditional and futuristic tailoring and fabrics and we like to blur the line between genders, giving the brand an androgynous vibe — although the garments are both masculine and feminine. I think that’s an interesting and challenging element to play with. Power dressing yet androgynous? That’s kind of cool, right?
2Q. What are the main inspirations behind JÖR’s upcoming collection? 
You’ll se on friday the thirteenth! The name of the collection is DREIZEHN. That’s all I can say for now…
3Q. Which aspect of setting up a fashion show excites you the most? 
Everything about it is exciting. Building a world in your head on early stages of the design process and developing it and seeing it change into something completely different is a big part of the fun. My personal favourite part of the process is seeing it all come together few days or even hours before the show.
4Q. Which show do you most look forward to see at RFF 2015?
For me this is the most interesting RFF so far. With all the designers and brands being fashion brands. That’s the first time. I look forward seeing all the shows, but I look forward seeing the Sigga Maija show the most. Sigga Maija and me are classmates from The Icelandic Academy of The Arts, and we have worked together a lot — I have the utmost respect for her as a designer and great faith in her and the brand. I believe Collection number two, as for Sigga Maija, is the most interesting to see — following up the debut. Unfortunately this is the only show I will miss out on — since our show is the same night.
5Q. Any pre-notion of what we can expect from this years JÖR show? 
You can expect something new. Some completely new elements, a wider collection and a deeper one. I guess it’s a natural development for JÖR as a brand — there is a wholeness about this collection.
6Q. Does Icelandic fashion sell itself or do designers need to be more aggressive? 
It does not sell itself. I think what’s happening is that you’re seeing new brands coming up that are focused on the big picture. Making a brand and the world around it. Fashion is all about seeing the big picture, for me. So many aspects that you need to consider.
7Q. Name one ideal person you would like to see wear JÖR designs?
Bob Dylan.


Do not miss out on this years JÖR collection at RFF during DesginMarch, 12 – 15th of March.

Go to the official RFF website to learn more about the Reykjavik Fashion Festival.

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Image courtesy of RFF 

Photography by Saga Sig & Hannah Hjördís Herrera