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Happy Sunday, only 4 more days till Iceland’s annual design event, DesignMarch 2015 and take off for this years Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Over the week we have been looking at the six designers showcasing at RFF 2015, to get the scoop on whats to come.



Our final designer & none the less an intriguing debut entry to RFF is, EYLAND. The Icelandic fashion label, has with their debut W14 collection shown a cool mixture of tomboy & strong feminine cuts with a classic touch of edgy details, making EYLAND a must see on RFF 2015.  We had a chat with founder and head designer, Ása Ninna, to see what’s to come.


1Q. What is the true essence in the designs by EYLAND? 

The vision of EYLAND is to create long-lasting quality clothing, with a classy and edgy touch of the strong, modern woman. The style is clean cut, feminine but yet with a strong influence from the “Tomboy”. Emphasis is on stand out, graphic details that signify the brand. Its inspired and designed for self-confident women that knows what she wants and goes and gets it. It’s a bit minimal but still with a dash of rock.

2Q. What are the main inspirations behind EYLAND’s upcoming collection?

We are staying true to the main inspiration of the brand, the Tomboy but digging a bit deeper in that image and also having a little flirt with the 70s glam rock. This AW15 collection is actually the first whole collection from EYLAND as the first one was quite small and was just planned as little sneak peak.  

3Q. Ideally how do you see EYLAND developing in the coming years? 

Our expectation for the development of the brand are really high and we have been working hard at creating the world behind the brand and signify what it stands for. We want it to be a brand that will grow slowly, step by step and will stay true to its fundamental values and aims. We wan’t EYLAND to be a brand that is recognised for quality, stability and a strong image but driven with creativity, curiosity and social awareness.

4Q. Which show do you most look forward to see at RFF 2015?

To be honest I look forward to see all the shows this year. I really respect all the designers participating and I am expecting to see 5 really strong shows. I am really honoured and thankful to be among these brands on RFF.


5Q. Any pre-notion of what we can expect from EYLAND for this years show? 

This is our premiere as a fashion brand so this show is super important  for us as a brand to represent what we are and what we stand for. So what you can expect is EYLAND, up close and personal.

6Q. Does Icelandic fashion sell itself or do designers need to be more aggressive? 

Actually I  don’t think that aggression is what we need.  We have really strong and creative designers here who have a lot of passion and aggression for that matter. But what I think we lack is the knowledge of branding and how we make Icelandic fashion work as a business. We need to learn how the fashion works as a fashion industry not just as a form of art. The knowledge and experience of brand building is rare in our small society and small market it is a bit harder for us to build up fashion houses. But I believe that this slowly changing in the right direction, so I am optimistic.

7Q. Name one ideal person you would like to see wear EYLAND designs?

Patti Smith.


Do not miss out on the EYLAND collection at RFF during DesginMarch, 12 – 15th of March.

Go to the official RFF website to learn more about the Reykjavik Fashion Festival.

Image courtesy of RFF & EYLAND

Feature image by Íris Dogg Einarsdóttir