Reykjavik Fashion Festival ⎮ Another Creation

Happy day readers, again with Iceland’s annual design event, DesignMarch 2015 fast approaching, we look at the six different designers showcasing at this years Reykjavik Fashion Festival to get a insight into whats ahead.



An exciting entry to this years RFF is high-end fashion brand,  Another Creation. With a focus on unique usability & design, the clothing is specifically tailored to be styled & worn in various ways, adding an element of personal expression. We caught up with Another Creation’s head designer, Ýr Þrastardóttir, to get her input on what’s ahead for AC. 


1Q. What is the true essence in the designs by Another Creation? 

Creating clothing that can be used in more than one way, thereby making it worth more. That is the essence of our concept. Also at the heart of of Another Creation is our desire to allow women to have a say in the making of their ideal garment. By that I mean that various versions of each garment will be available; you can for instance choose the length of a jacket, the shape of a sleeve and a certain type of collar.

2Q. What are the main inspirations behind AC’s upcoming collection? 

Our debut collection was inspired by strong and self-confident women. Women who are financially independent and who dare to dress the part. When seeking inspiration, I love mixing different periods: This time I was looking at Art Deco prints and graphics, which are very feminine. I also added a touch of masculinity regarding shapes and forms, taking cues from the 1980s era, Grace Jones in particular. There is also a hint of early 19th century Russian romance in the mix.

3Q. With participating twice previously on RFF, which aspect about creating this years show, are you most excited about? 

Well, as a designer I am always extremely excited to participate in these kinds of shows. It gives me a wider scope to work within; it does not only focus on the clothes but is an atmospheric combination of models, music and visuals. The last time I showed at RFF I had a strong theme and the music and visuals helped a lot with creating the mood I wanted to convey. This time we are taking these things even further with live music and 3D visuals that are in harmony with the clothes. It it will be interesting to see it all come together.


4Q. Which show are you most looking forward to see at RFF 2015? 

I am actually very excited to see all of the shows. I have been inside my own little bubble for two months now and have no clue as to what the other designers have been doing. Therefore I can honestly say that I can’t wait to see it.

5Q. Any pre-notion of what we can expect from AC this year? 

You can expect an interesting collection meant to be worn by highly confident women.

6Q. Does Icelandic fashion sell itself or do designers need to be more aggressive? 

I can’t really say. However, I do know that Icelandic designers are generally not aggressive when it comes to marketing. It’s more a word-of-mouth thing; perhaps we should actively work on promoting ourselves better, especially abroad.

7Q. Name one ideal person you would like to see wear your designs? 

One of my favourite fashion icons is Tilda Swinton; a strong confident woman who dares to dress. She is on my mood board for this collection. Perhaps I will send her an item and see what happens…

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Make sure you do not miss out on seeing Another Creation’s showcase at RFF 2015 during this years DesginMarch, 12 – 15th of March.

Go to the official RFF website to learn more about the Reykjavik Fashion Festival.


Images courtesy of RFF & Another Creation