Norse Projects for the ladies

In what feels like a project that has been a long time coming Norse Projects has unveiled a female focused collection that ticks all the right boxes. The label has experienced success in the menswear market with its consistency in producing clothes that can pretty much be worn on any occasion. The roll over into womenswear  builds on the functionality of the menswear line and adds a few feminine touches in the styling and fit for the woman body. This collection is something that women have been anticipating for a while now and Norse Projects came through with an expertly layered collection that will be released in early autumn 2015.

The lookbook below features cuffed pants, tailored sweats, long dress-like shirts, all in classic colours such as navy, olive green, army green, black and pastel pink to add to the femininity. The key here again is in the details, Norse Projects is the master at keeping over all design relatively simple, but doing it really well. The side zips on hoodies, polka dot shirts and striped leggings all add nice details while keeping the look minimal and clean.

Get inspired below and look out for the collection to hit stores in July.


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