NORR11 Showroom Opening


The arrival of NORR11 in Reykjavík is a big step forward for the interior design market in Iceland. From the turnout for last Friday’s grand opening of the showroom the anticipation of the guests is obvious – this is a long awaited event.
The entire showroom, a two story space, is packed with people whose faces are lit up with excitement, gazing at the meticulously placed items while sipping on wine and indulging in a few delicious macarons.




The furniture epitomizes Scandinavian design, where the main aspects are simplicity and functionality at an affordable price. NORR11’s ideology is directly linked to the staples of the Scandinavian design movement, their lookbook insightfully stating, “Great design is when functionality and aesthetics are well suited for everyday use”.

The designers draw inspiration from their own Scandinavian roots as well as the legendary Bauhaus movement. Traditional? Yes. Timeless? Definitely.
The sleek and refined furniture is carefully paired with accessories of coarse wood or ceramic and cushions in bold colours to create a sophisticated, yet relaxed, atmosphere which comes together especially well with artist Sigurbjörn Jónsson’s watercolour paintings.




Magnús Berg, owner and managing director of NORR11 in Iceland, came upon the brand in New York and recognized its ability to add variety and fill a certain void in the Icelandic market.

Scandinavian design is currently attracting a lot of global attention which means that now is the perfect time for a brand like NORR11 that, though currently trendy, is capable of withstanding the waves of the ever-changing market of interior design.



Photographs by Katrin Katrin

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