Interview: Nordsurf founder Camilo Blomqvist

Swedish surfers use the Nordic waves to their disposal and spreading stoke in ice cold temperatures is all part of the experience. Spending countless hours reading weather forecasts and exploring hidden shores, and the time and dedication needed to find great waves, is something that fuels their passion.

Nordsurf epitomize the Swedish surfing experience through beautifully designed retro-esque surfboards, edgy yet minimalist clothing and simple beanies. They call themselves cold-water surfers – and there’s nothing they would rather do.

How did the idea of creating a Nordic surf brand come about?

– During the summer of 2002 we were a bunch of Swedish surfers who went down and surfed in Portugal. One evening we went out and messed around at a bar, all of a sudden someone in the group said in a tipsy state of mind that we should start up a Swedish surf brand. The funny thing is that we still do not know to this day who it was who said it.

Who were the initial founders of the brand?

– The brand was founded by a constellation of people who had experience in completely different industries but had surfing in Sweden as a common interest. But if one should point out two founders, it’s Jesper de Ruvo and Chris Myhrán, today I guess I can call myself as the  head of brand.

Why has the brand changed names so many times?

– Well we started the brand which we then called Nord Surfboards, but decided to expand the brand into clothing as well, from which we simply wanted to be called Nord. However due to legal trademark rights, we had to change the name once again to Nordsurf – which is the name we go by today.

Nord Surf NordicStyleMag

Team member wearing Nordsurf clothes and surfboards at the island Gotland

Did you feel that there was a need for a Nordic surf brand?

– It has never been about having a clothing brand, but about having a platform to have fun on while creating and shaping the Nordic surfing experience.

During the summer of 2014 Nordsurf collaborated with H&M creating a surf collection. How did you get that opportunity? 

– They got in touch with us, which was a great experience. H&M did most of the creating, we gave small inputs.

Nord Surf NordicStyleMag

Shirt is from 2014 Nordsurf x H&M surf collection.

How did you collaborate in creating the designs? 

– We juggled things back and forth. We did some of the prints, they decided what styles would be done and the color palette to be used. We didn’t put ourselves in it very much because they know their customer base far better than us. We did however have a big input on the video that was made in connection to the collection.

How was it collaborating with H&M?

– They called and asked for a meeting. At the meeting, they asked if we wanted to do a collaboration and the partnership worked well. At the time I was about to be married and the opportunity was so random yet great that I thought I was on hidden camera or that the meeting was some kind of an advanced bachelor party. Luckily I was wrong.