Flóra by Hildur Yeoman

DesignMarch 2015, offered plenty promising events this year from experimental jewellery to synchronised swimming the program seemed to have it all. Among those most anticipated a fashion exhibition by our beloved wild child, Hildur Yeoman. This visionary is known to throw on magical spectacles & pure indulgent to all our senses.

The Flóra exhibition took place at an old school in Reykjavik, quickly filling with hungry viewers & evidently this was the only place to be. This was no ordinary fashion show, rather a performance & visual display featuring an all-girl rock band and hypnotic dancers fitting perfectly to Hildur Yeoman’s vision. The show was kicked off with the creeping sounds from the speaker, a under the skin performance almost hypnotising the audience to slowly follow the creatures teasing movements across the stage.

The vibe was alien & mysterious, as if these were mythical creatures luring the audience into their universe merely to have a peek, a cult of beautiful beings out of our reach only to be desired from afar. Flóra; meaning flower in Icelandic was visible all throughout the collection with a touch of seventies rock ‘n’ roll. With beautifully designed pieces in various shades of black, leather, chiffon and our personal favourite this season PVC went perfectly against the high knee boots & radiant eye make-up.  The cool & coy dresses with Hildur Yeoman’s signature prints adding drops of silky fringe, were among those memorable moments where one could not help but fall victim to the love curse of these hypnotising medusas.

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Behind the Scene

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Photography by Kolfinna Mjöll