Friday Fever: New Music Picks

It’s been a while since we last shared with you our favourite new Nordic tunes, and believe us, quite a lot has been happening in the beginning of 2015. Today we make up for it and bring you our best new music picks.

Young Karin

Young Karin is an Icelandic band, still in its infancy. Fronted by Logi Pedro, known for his involvment in Retro Stefson, and Karin bringing in up-beat and dream-poppy vocals. The band was met with much buzz when they started out a year ago, managing to reach headlines without having even released a single. The attention was definitely deserved, as their album n1 bagged the rookie album of the year award at the Icelandic Music Awards last week. Young Karin celebrated the award with a brand new single and video: Sirens. The single is so catchy that you will be singing along after the first chorus. Dig in!


new music picks


Another Icelandic songstress worth a visit is Copenhagen-based Disa. Disa grew up on music, with her parents being members of legendary Icelandic band Stuðmenn and renowned musicians in their own right. Her musical heritage is unquestionably noticeable in her song writing and the depth of her composition and vocal range. Her Icelandic roots show through in the rhythm of the music and its atmospheric quality, contrasted by her unconventional voice. Her debut album, Sculpture, will be out on March 23rd. Meanwhile, check out her single, Cure.



And for those who want to go dancing tonight, or just need a good tune to jiggle to at home, look no further than this super-awesome song from the Swedish Elliphant. Elliphant has taken the music scene by storm since the release of her debut single in 2012.

Image credits: Young Karin, Disa, Elliphant.