FLÓRA by Hildur Yeoman | DesignMarch

Nature is one of our most powerful sources of  inspiration. As visual beings we look to our closest surroundings for creative guidance and are inevitably affected by nature.

This is the root of designer Hildur Yeoman’s new line, Flóra, which directly references Icelandic plantlife and its place in local history.


For centuries herbal medicine and potion-making have been a significant part in Icelandic culture. Herbs and potions were believed to have the power to heal both physically and mentally, and the people who had the knowledge to use them were acknowledged healers in their community.

The line derives from Hildur Yeoman’s own sketches which have evolved in to a variety of pieces. Anything from beautiful accessories to enchanting patterns on a garment – the creative process has no limitations.

She has purposefully merged different artforms and joined hands with many talented artists for her upcoming show during DesignMarch.

We asked Hildur a few questions to get better aquainted with her and Flóra.


Q: What is the true essence of Hildur Yeoman designs?

A: I create a magic world with illustrations, those illustrations then turn into prints, accessories, clothing or even artwork

. I  like to experiment with textiles, I love colours and I enjoy making clothes that flatter the female body.

Q: What is the main inspiration behind Flóra?

A: It’s a line inspired by the mystical realms of nature and the women who know how to invoke this magical force
I got inspired when I was working in the east of Iceland, summer was ending and I found myself collecting flowers and herbs.
I got in contact with a sorcerer, together we made flower potions that can be used to enhance mental strength or even cast a spell of love. 
These potions are the foundation for the collection.

Q: Which aspect of setting up this show excites you the most?

A: I love the whole process, the designing, pattern making process, printmaking, styling and so on. It’s teamwork and I’m lucky to have amazing people on my team.

Q: Any pre-notion of what we can expect from Thursday’s show?

A: The show itself is going to be great. I’m working with inspiring musicians and dancers so it’s going to be magical.

Q: Name one ideal person you would like to see wear Hildur Yeoman designs.

A: I´m very lucky that I have a lot of inspiring and strong women around me that are wearing my designs. Those are the women I want to keep on dressing.

Q: How important is an event like DesignMarch to an Icelandic designer?

A: I love Design March, there is a festive spirit around and the town is boosting with creativity. These events help make the public aware of the importance of design.

Q: In your opinion – which event, during either DesignMarch or RFF, is a must-see for festival guests?

A: Showroom Kiosk is a must see. Kiosk is a collective of 8 innovative designers that share are showing their newest design in their shop. I will also take part in that event.
I’m super excited to see Overlap at Sundhöll Reykjavíkur, a collaboration between Siggi Eggertsson, Eygló and Unnur Valdís
I also really want to take my son to Kleinubarinn, at Icelandair hotel natura spa.


Flóra is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday march 12th, at Vörðuskóli on Skólavörðuholt at 21:00. We will of course be attending and urge DesignMarch guests to do the same, but please note – seating is limited!

For more information about the event visit www.designmarch.is or go directly to the Facebook event here.