Interview with HULDA

First concert tour, debut album set for release: Exciting times ahead for Rannvá Helenudóttir, the woman behind the Faroese electro pop project HULDA. Stephan of Nordic Style Magazine talked with Rannvá about electronic sounds, natural inspiration and about what it feels like to be a Faroese celebrity.

“Yeah, I’m very pleased and very excited”

Rannvá, you´re just about to start your first concert tour. Are you excited? I’m very excited to go on tour. It’s a dream come true. I can’t wait to share my music with a new audience and see the different reactions.

The tour consists of dates in Denmark only. Are you planning to tour in other countries as well? We are also going to Switzerland to play at the Nordklang Festival as part of the tour. Apart from that, I don´t have any other gigs booked in other countries so far, but we’ll see. I got some gigs booked in the Faroes though when we get back from the tour.

You played your very first gig at the new concert venue Reinsaríið in Tórshavn very recently. How was it? It was fabulous. We had loads of fun and I really think that the audience liked it as well. We didn’t play a full concert though because we’ll have a big release gig on the 7th of March so I wanted to wait and not play all songs of my upcoming album.

When will your album be released? It will be released digitally on the 20th of February and in physical form on the 3rd of March. The album title is “HULDAsound”.


Cover artwork by Kirstin Helgadóttir for HULDA´s debut album “HULDAsound”

You started the HULDA project almost one year ago. How did it happen? I have been writing songs for many years now and have always wanted to record my own album. But I never really felt that the time was right – until now. I wanted to give my songs a fresh sound and make them more electronic because I really heard them like that in my head. So I asked Jens L. Thomsen, whom I really respect as an artist and musician, if he would produce my first album. He asked me to send him all my songs and lyrics and he would get back to me. I was really nervous after sending him my music. Imagine if he didn’t like it and wouldn’t work with me. But he got back to me really quick and said he would love to collaborate with me. I was thrilled! We had long talks and needed a really long time on finding the perfect sound for HULDA, a sound which we both loved 100 percent. The upcoming album is the result of our collaboration. I really enjoyed working with Jens and will hopefully work with him again.

How has the HULDA project been received so far by the Faroese public? I’m very pleased so far. I think the 4 singles that I’ve released last year have been very well received both by the Faroes and elsewhere. They´ve been played a lot on the radio and I got many gig requests. I’m so pleased that I already have a tour coming up even though the album isn´t released yet. So I’m very anxious to see the response from the people when the whole album is out. I personally think that the album has many great but different songs on it – so yeah, I’m very pleased and very excited.

What´s it like actually being a celebrity on the Faroe Islands? Haha, I don’t think I’m a celebrity. The Faroe Islands are so small that we all, in one way or another, know each other. So we don’t really differ between people in that matter.

faroe islands

Source of inspiration for HULDA: The Faroese nature – here at Vágseiði – is stunningly beautiful (Photo by Stephan Lücke)

So people don´t ask you for autographs? Haha, no they don’t.

Did you write all songs of the album? Yes, all music and lyrics are written by me, except for the song “Blinded By His Colours”. That’s a co-write by me and the Dane Mikkel Engell.

Have you done music professionally before HULDA? No, not really professionally. But I’ve always played music. I have had my own singer/songwriter project and have also been part of a band called Früli Schü which was a crazy gypsy/punk/reggae band. That was during my time in London. I have studied music in London.

The final question is a question that is often discussed. The Faroe Islands is a tiny country with only 48.000 people. But the cultural scene is vibrant and there are so many innovative and talented musicians coming up all the time. Have you got any clue why you guys are so creative? Yes, that is a common question up here. I think we´re creative because of the weather condition and nature which is a great source of inspiration. Also, we all grow up with music. Nearly everyone here either sings or plays an instrument. It’s a hard question to answer and I guess my answer is quite standard, but I do believe that these aspects might have an impact on our creative islanders. hulda Find out more about HULDA on her Facebook site: Watch HULDA´s official video “Sail On” on Youtube