Exclusive Editorial: Lost in Time by Joakim Reimer & Dana Ozollapa

“I don’t see the point in making a difference between genders in today’s social structure in society.“

There’s nothing I like better than editorials. I find them incredibly inspiring and somehow I can just browse page after page on Tumblr or in magazines, just staring, in awe of the flooding creativity. It’s fascinating to think of all the hard work that has been put into the end product, it’s not just snapping a few images. The process often requires collaboration between strong minds, different artistic backgrounds and visions.

The photography duo, Swedish Joakim Reimer and Latvian Dana Ozollapa, didn’t see their differences as an obstacle, instead they took advantage of it. Letting the contrasts be what brings uniqueness to their work.

“Coming from different artistic backgrounds we try to combine our strengths for a dark and saturated style that pays homage to our respective childhoods, a mix of dreamy fairytales, colorful cartoons and bad ass action flicks. It’s a constant chase for that nostalgic feeling while at the same time bringing something new to the images.“

lost in time

They admitted that the shooting of “Lost in Time” required a lot of patience, not only from themselves but also from the people they worked with. One day they worked in a cramped studio and the other in a cold and damp parking garage.

“Our models did a great job and had limitless patience during the two days we shot this.”



The photographed collection is Swedish designer Amanda Rosenkvist Ågärd’s graduation project from the prestigious Academy of Cutting and Tailoring in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is currently based in Tokyo where she researches modern Japanese pop culture for future projects.

The main inspiration to this collection was video games, in which the designer admits to have a big interest. She says the finished product became dark and powerful, something that makes the person wearing her garments ready to take on the galaxy. The designer mostly creates unisex fashion. She explains that she doesn’t see the point in making difference between genders in the social structure of today’s modern society.

“I loved the thought of a strong, unisexual character set in an alien, post apocalyptic setting.”



The aim for the editorial was to reach a colorful and “post apocalyptic retro futuristic” look (try saying that five times in a row). The designers told us about the collaboration.

“It’s rare to get the opportunity to make images in your own style while shooting for a designer, but Amanda’s influences matches well with our own, so this editorial was a great collaboration where we got the chance to have fun and play around and combine our ideas with hers, without restrictions or limitations.”



Photographer: Joakim Reimer & Dana Ozollapa
Designer: Amanda Rosenkvist Ågärd
Make-up Artist: Killer Colours
Models: Isak Lundholm & Viola Holmgren