Armi Alive! – The Creation of Marimekko

Armi Alive! was created to tell the story of Marimekko and one of its most infamous founders, Armi Ratia. Marimekko is probably one of the most well know brands to derive from any Nordic country. Born in the 1950’s, the brand was founded by Viljo and Armi Ratia (1912- 1979) and is still globally famous today. Marimekko designs everything from iconic dresses to textiles, and children’s clothing to items for your home. Armi Ratia played a huge role in Marimekko and shaping the lives of women everywhere with her prints, clothes, and inspiring words:

There is only one responsibility– beauty.

There is only one reality– a dream.

There is only one strength– love.

armi alive! marimekko


The film, Armi Alive! illustrates the life of the woman behind the brand in a way it has never been done before. The film had its world premier on Saturday at the 38th Gothenburg Film Festival.

Oscar- nominated film producer and director Jörn Donner takes the viewer on a journey of Armi Ratia’s life: her complex personality and its impact on her employees, romantic interests and family. Through Marimekko’s resilience and Armi Ratia’s valor the company grew and shifted in inspiring ways.

armi alive! marimekko

armi alive! marimekko

Watch the official movie trailer for Armi Alive!