CPH Fashion Week – Henrik Vibskov A/W 2015

We had the pleasure to end our first day at Copenhagen Fashion Week with one of the shows that slowly becomes a tradition and one that we are always excitingly awaiting for. This was no other than Henrik Vibskov. The multi-faceted Henrik, who has recently became a professor at the Kolding Design School, is one of those designers who manages to repeatedly surprise and be something that you will memorise.

Well, this was no different. Henrik Vibskov’s Autumn/Winter 2015 is entitled “Messy Massage Class” and for this the Papirhallen has been transformed into a surreal spa. The traditional stage design now consisted of a spectacular movement, consisting of 400 hands which were constantly in motion operated by two of Vibskov’s team members. Next to this, in order to complete the massage room women laying on tables, who contributed as vocalists accompanying the music with elegant sounds of comfort or discomfort, such as “AHHHH”.

For the next cold season, Henrik Vibskov prepared warm coats, trousers, knitwear and high headpieces to keep us warm. As usual the key silhouettes include oversized pieces, this time adding curved patterns to it mixed with re-constructed and 3D details. The tops are long and stretched, while the bottom remains classical Henrik Vibskov: cropped, low crotched and wide-legged. Coloured 3D effect details on checked black&white pieces are present, while the traditional artwork printed leggings were completing a few full-black outfits. The print designs include hand motifs, face impressions on receiving a massage and snake hands. The color palette ranges mint, mustard, blue, pink, red, creme and the never-missing black&white combo.

Henrik Vibskov’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection focuses on the mind/body attitudes in the health world and the sounds coming out of a curtained room where unsettling anonymous hands are touching you. This was represented through the music and stage design of the fashion show. And for sure this Henrik Vibskov collection will keep you warm during the next cold season.










Image Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week

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