CPH Fashion Week – Fonnesbech A/W 2015

Copenhagen Fashion Week‘s opening fashion show was that of Fonnesbech, who presented their first collection after their re-launch last season. In their second collection, for Autumn/Winter 2015/16, Fonnesbech goes back to the roots of their heritage. More precisely, the period of when Anders Fonnesbech II was taking over the family business. His visions were focusing on women’s rights, including that of work and education. With this in mind, the inspiration for this collection is this significant change in the women’s style history, focusing on functionalism. Clear cuts, comfort and consciousness are of great significance.

The Fonnesbech A/W 2015  collection’s key silhouettes represent a balanced mix of masculine lines and feminine curves, some more than others. Sharp mint hints here and then were refreshing, while the elegance of dark blue and green were invigorating. All were inspired by the cubist art movement in that particular time period. The fabric choice consists of sustainable alternatives like organic wool, recycled cashmere/wool blend, organic cotton, organic silk, crepe viscose, merino wool knit, recycled polyester/silk blend and wool/polyester knit.







Image Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week

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