CPH Fashion Week – Barbara I Gongini A/W 2015

Last day of Copenhagen Fashion Week included another taste of Barbara I Gongini‘s universe. The Nordic dark looks that are always brightened up with flowy ginger hair and masculine beards. And this time was no different. The unique experience brought on by live music performance was settling for the heart.

For the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, Barbara I Gongini focuses on garment tactility. The overall look of the collection is laid-back with loads of layering and flowing effects. The contemporary tailoring and constructive shape the structured looks while still managing wearability. The contrast between heavy versus light is represented through the fabric choices of Barbara I Gongini. These being boiled thick wool, sleek fur and sturdy leather combined together with breezy jersey, textured linen and graphics silks. The layering effect is also realised with underplayed colour shades ranging from deep black and hints of grey and white. The key details include multi-functional closures, ripped hand-knits and re-worked denim. The leather accessories designed by Creative Director Barbara I Gongini include cordial wayfarers, back straps, fitted vests and utility cuffs.

The Barbara I Gongini Autumn/Winter 2015 collection emphasises the anatomy of our bodies with curious details, while creating sculpted forms highlighted through seams and stitches. The transparency effect is realised through layering and colour shading.

Barbara I Gongini




Image Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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