Friday Fever: For the Finnish Santa

Belief has it that Santa Claus originates and lives in Finland.

The traditional Finnish Santa Claus, or Joulupukki, is known for usually wearing warm red clothes and carrying a walking stick, to use when he is not riding his sleigh pulled by a herd of reindeer. Joulupukki’s reindeers are regrettably flightless though.

Joulupukki and his wife live and work in Korvantuturi in Laplaand and each year receives several hundred thousand letters from children all over the world.

His worldwide popularity stems from radio shows back in the 1930’s, who popularised the bearded, red-clad Finn.

The Finns we are introducing today do not have any reindeers to ride but they have found their own rhythm!


Finnish Santa

Dark electronic duo Phantom is the project of singer-songwriter Hanna Toivonen and producer/sound designer Tommi Koskinen, who have been creating cinematic, jazz-influenced trip-hop and electronic-inflected alternative pop since 2012.
With notable influence from Nordic legends such as The Knife and Björk, Phantom’s melodies are perfect for the long winter evenings.


She may not be the daughter of robbers but she has the attitude and fierceness fit for the role. Ronya is quite well known in Finland, having made her debut when she was only 16 years old. Her music definitely shows influences from Swedish pop legends like Robyn, with rhythmic beats and an outstanding voice.
The video for her new single, Work Harder, premiered yesterday. It’s beautifully influenced by 80’s pop culture and endearingly catching.

Get more of her on Facebook or official page.


Redder is a two-piece band from Helsinki who uses their different musical backgrounds to create a combination of folk and trip-hop music.

Their new album, “Walk Long Play” was released just this week.
Redder is not just a unique Nordic act but a unique act across all music, with the texture and depth of their material belying their relative youth. With “Walk Long Play”, the duo have produced a wintry, challenging and ultimately cathartic album which reveals more substance with every listen. The confrontation of fear is life’s biggest challenge, but Redder choose to stare this fear in the face and document its every move, with arresting results.

Fans of Radiohead and Alt-J will find a taste connection to this band!


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Images credits: Ronya Facebook, Phantom Facebook