Christmas Traditions

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, so any wish you do not make today will need to wait for next year. That also means that all preparations should (hopefully) be finished, presents wrapped, clothing clean and ironed and the house ready for relaxation.

Many families use this day to meet and decorate the Christmas tree together. Albert Þór Magnússon and Lóa Kristjánsdóttir, the Lindex-managers in Iceland, will most likely be spending the evening preparing for the 24th. They are great fans of tradition:

“Lóa: Yes, we love traditions. In December, we decorate more, listen to Christmas songs, bake pepper cakes and watch Christmas movies together. At noon on the 24th we eat rice porridge with an almond – and the one who gets the almond gets a gift. Soon after lunch we get a visit from Santa who brings a lot of noise and presents leaving the kids a little surprise. Throughout the days of Christmas we then have numerous family parties where we meet and spend some quality time together. Smoked lamb with the closest family on Christmas Day is a cherished tradition.”

christmas traditions

Your Christmas Traditions

Whatever your Christmas traditions might be for the evening, make sure to enjoy yourself, be it with friends or at home: relax, make a fire, read a book, enjoy a glass of white glögg or pumpkin spice latte with some peppermint crinkle cookies, and make the season of light and giving a joyous one. 

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