Friday Fever: It’s Not Christmas Yet

It is not Christmas yet. At least for the weekend.

We have scoffed over IKEA’s decorations (whilst making a mental note of what to get later) and switched the channel on the radio when the not-so-pleasurable Christmas songs come on. Mentally postponing all Christmas activities to the unknown status of maybe next week.

Next week will be different though, and you can’t escape. December is upon us. If you haven’t sorted out your advent lights and calendar yet, you still have until Sunday! The cookies and chocolates can wait a little longer, and the presents definitely too!

So this Friday we deliver some essential tunes of the non-Christmas variety.

Some of you are busy with school and the on-going or upcoming final exams. I would tell you to take a break to listen to these songs, but if you are reading this then you already are on a break. And that’s just fine. Everyone deserves a break every now and then. If you are feeling like procrastinating even more, or already finished your workload for the weekend, check out these cool boys while listening to our Friday Fever below!

Me and my Brothers is a new Norwegian footwear brand that puts the swag of Nike Air’s to shame. Kelsey Matheson got an interview with them: check it out! (They will make a fantastic Christmas present for a lucky someone).

Me and my brothers shoes

Stephan Lücke meanwhile spoke with Faroese producer and DJ, Brynjolfur, about his first produced track, childhood in the Faroe Islands and the current state of the Danish club scene.

Photo: Kiva Brynaa

Photo: Kiva Brynaa

Friday Fever

Steed Lord

Icelandic electronic group Steed Lord is a three-piece music and visual art collective, made up of Mega, Kali and Eddie. The band in renowned for their original sense of style whether it’s in creating music videos, designing clothing or making music. Steed Lord recently released a new single that you should definitely check out.

Incidentally, the singer Kali, or Svala Björgvins, is a well-known songstress in Iceland, with many finding her 1988 Christmas song an essential part of their seasonal playlist!

Friday Fever Steed Lord

Naomi Pilgrim

Naomi Pilgrim has been taking the Nordic music scene by storm. Born to a Barbadian father, a Swedish mother and raised in Sweden, she has been making music all her life. Her father being a musician as well might have helped there though.

Friday Fever Naomi Pilgrim

Say Lou Lou

Another mixed team, Australian-Swedish twin sisters Miranda and Elektra, who form the dream-pop duo Say Lou Lou. Fans of the Nordic sound of sonic textures and breathy vocals – these girls are right up your alley.

This post was about Friday Fever not being Christmas quite yet, still managed to throw the word in 7 times!

Images: Say Lou Lou, Steed Lord, Naomi Pilgrim,