Friday Fever: Billy Momo and The Well.

This week’s Friday Fever is dedicated to two new Nordic bands: Billy Momo and The Well.

Billy Momo

Originally a duo consisting of two Swedish gentlemen Tomas Juto and Oskar Howell, Billy Momo’s first album had the ‘wildest’ of beginnings. Not in the sense of wrecked hotel rooms, but the natural wildness of a little cabin in the Swedish outback. The album, Ordinary Men, was released on Christmas Eve 2011 and was critically acclaimed.

Tomas and Oskar soon found that they needed more hands and sounds to get their music soaring to the heights it deserved. So they packed their bags and set out to travel the world far and wide to find a band. They didn’t get far, as the band they were looking turned out to be five other gentlemen close at hand and heart.

Some of the new members were found within their families and others were connected to them through daily life, such as the chef at a restaurant where another band member used to forget his hat (how gentlemanly!), a restaurant driven to bankruptcy by none other than Thomas Juto himself.

Friday Fever Billy Momo

The freshly formed band was driven by inspiration and recorded a new album over a few intensive days. The album is in its final process now and its first single is out, a suave and beautiful tune reminiscent of Damon Albarn’s early electropop: I’ve Got You.

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The Well

The Well is a band comprised of six Norwegian youths from Bergen. Though they are not direct siblings, they share a family bond, that special deep connection that one can only find within a group of siblings or cousins.
These boys have been playing together – music, in this case – for over a decade and always believed that they were destined to make music together. Drawn from their familial background and shared influences of music from the past and present, The Well creates the kind of music that encompasses a room.

Friday Fever The Well

The sound of The Well elicits influences from the classic sound of The Beatles and Rolling Stones to influential modern pop/rock bands like Arcade Fire and Haim. They have had favourable comparisons to known pop/rock groups such as Coldplay, Keane and Kings of Leon.

Their first single, Separate Ways, represents the core of The Well. Catchy chorus and epic pop to dance to, the song is big, moving and uplifting.

Take a listen and make up your own mind!

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Image credits: Billy Momo, The Well PR, Billy Momo PR.