The winners of the Nordic Council prize 2014

75 nominees from all over the Nordic Region were in the City Hall in Stockholm tonight, the 29th October 2014. These creatives were nominated for the Nordic Council prizes for literature, music, film, children and young people’s literature and nature and environment.

Finnish literature, Icelandic film and environmental initiatives, Norwegian children’s prose and Danish music, here is a quick overview of “the best in the Nordic Region”.

Nordic Council prize winners

Best film: “Hross í oss” or “Of Horses and Men”.

nordic-price-of horses and men-icelandic-film

The Film Prize went to the Icelandic director and screenwriter Benedikt Erlingsson and the producer Friðrik Þór Friðriksson for a film that is said to be “an amazing, original film rooted in the laconic humour of the Icelandic saga tradition”. Benedikt Erlingsson used the forum of the Nordic Council prize, with the room full of politicians, to criticize the increasing budget cuts, to the Icelandic film industry, by the Icelandic government.

Best literature work: “Mirage 38” by Kjell Westö


Image: Aliisa Piirla / Lehtikuva

The Nordic Council Literature Prize 2014 went to the Finnish author Kjell Westö for his novel Mirage 38. One of the committee members said that “the evocative prose of which breathes life into a critical moment in Finland’s history – one that has links to the present day”.

Best children and young people’s literature work: “Brune” by Håkon Øvreås og Øyvind Torseter (ill.)


Håkon-Øvreås. Photographer: Mona Vetrhus


From the book “Brown”

Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize went to Haakon Øvreås and Øyvind Torseter (illustrator) from Norway, for the book “Brown”. It is said to “fill a gap between books for young children and books for teenagers. It is a story with classic elements, but also one that breathes new life into the Norwegian and Nordic tradition of storytelling for children”.

Best musical work: Black Box Music by Simon Steen-Andersen

Black Box Music-Simon Steen-Andersen

The Music Prize was awarded to the Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen for Black Box Music. It is described as “a unique and radically different work. Simon Steen-Andersen plays, with great virtuosity, in the intersection between composition, installation art, electronica and performance”.

Best environmental initiative: Reykjavík


Photographer: Magnus Fröderberg/

The City of Reykjavik won the Nature and Environment Prize to for “its broad and long-term commitment to the environment, and its conscious work with environmentally friendly use of water and the production of district heating and electricity from geothermal energy”.

All winners got DKK 350,000 prizes, which were all presented by last year’s winners.