In Loving Memory – Oscar de la Renta

Last week, we recieved the heartbreaking news that Oscar de la Renta passed away in his sleep after battling cancer for 10 years. The world has lost one of it’s most amazing designers and personalities, as he was loved not only for his fabulous designs and unreachable creativity but also for his kindness and big heart. His creations, known for classic silhouettes and female shapes, have been worn by royals, celebrities and president wives.

NSM Madde

Here, Swedish princess Madeleine Bernadotte is dressed in a beautiful white garment while attending her sister Victorias birthday. As well as at another occasion in a pink gown  – both signed Oscar de la Renta.


Princess Mary of Denmark, here dressed in navy and red floral print – both Oscar de la Renta.

Although USA, where the designer was based, is quite far away from the Nordics, it hasn’t stopped us from loving him here too. Man, woman, fashionista or just a sucker for all things beautiful – most of us know Oscar de la Renta, and due to his passing last week a lot of people had something to say in his memory.


Bon Magazine asked some of Sweden’s most established fashion personalities to say a few words.

Jonna Bergh – Editor in Chief, STYLEBY Magazine
– I see Oscar De La Renta as a designer who defended and cherished ’classic’ in a fashion world that spins faster and faster, and often feels like a hysterical hunt for the next big idea. I get the feeling that he was sitting quietly in the storm and did his own thing – classic and with super feminine garments that there always will be a market for. He pushed no limits in fashion, but to be consistent with his own thing and not ’get caught up’ in the fashion industry can be very challenging.

Cay Bond, Fashion Expert
– I remember him for his beautiful timeless evening dresses that almost all first ladies have worn, and as the designer who positioned the New York fashion during the eighties. Together with Geoffrey Been, Bill Blass and Carolina Herrera, he created the typically feminine and stylish New York look.

Martina Bonnier – Editor in Chief, Damernas Värld
– I met him twice. He was an old school gentleman, always elegant and charming. There are not many left in the world like Oscar de la Renta. He will definitely be considered one of the greatest designers of all time and his ‘woman’ with impeccable style will be missed.

Kristoffer Andersson – Editor in Chief,
– He was a symbol for luxury, among few other American fashion designers, and he was incredibly consistent: He had a vision and followed it, no matter how fashion generally shifted. He had luxury in his veins, growing up in the Dominican society, and even if he was seen as an American designer, he originated from the Dominican Republic. There, his efforts stretched beyond fashion, where his money among other things, was put towards construction of new schools.