Friday Fever: Rampage

Friday Fever is on its weekly rampage. Whether you are itching to finish that last work task or aching to close the books (Hello, teacher, it’s Friday!), there is no conflict over the fact that it is Friday and we have been waiting.

Couch Potatoes

If you are planning to spend the evening at home to catch up on current affairs – and sleep – you will definitely find satisfaction in knowing that Disney’s most recent Nordic hit is not frozen and that layers are “in” again for the fall (quelle surprise!).

Also, Acne managed to make nude unisex granny pants look like the next thing to buy, there exists a Swedish-Kenyan textile brand and Iceland Airwaves is upon us soon. Again. (I’m going. Are you?)

For the fear of missing out

Friday Fever - FM Belfast

If you, on the other hand, end up putting on some dark red lipstick or that jacket perfect for charming the ladies, take a moment and check out these tunes to get you all feverish.

And, as the renowned experimental electric sibling duo, The Knife, is soon making their final round on the world’s dance floor, get shaken up:

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Image credits: and Fallulah Facebook page.