Architecture meets fashion in Helsinki

Imagine dressing up as your favourite building, or carrying a handbag that looks like your local metro station. As a cherry on the top, how about wearing a chapel on your head. These unusual designs are a fruit of designer and dressmaker Anne Mustarastas’ wild imagination.

Inspired by the beautiful architecture at the streets of Helsinki, the Finnish designer  designed a dress collection featuring her favourite building’s in the city. “One day I had a vision of a beautiful building made out of fashion”, she said. After that she could not stroll around the streets without picturing the surrounding as fashion. “The thought of it would not leave me in peace but evolved into a dress collection.” The collection, named Helsinki Dresses, is described as a love letter from Mustrastas to the City of Helsinki. Each one of these wearable pieces of architecture  indulge Mustarastas’ imagination when she strolls around the streets of Helsinki and tells its own playful story about the buildings. For instance, the coral retro glam featuring Annankatu 9  is is a 1920s lady who spends her days in the Sinebrychoff park and enjoys her afternoon coffee at a coffeehouse along the boulevard, Mustarastas explains.

helsinki dresses 3

Kamppi Chape


Ratakatu 10


Annankatu 9


rooftops from top to toe

These architect-inspired dresses ranging from rather practical  and wearable ones to sculptural art objects are on display until the 1st of November 2014 at Narikka 2, Helsinki. See the event here.