Lykke Li X &Other Stories

The anticipated collaboration between Swedish songstress Lykke Li and &Other stories was finally unveiled today, after its announcement in late winter.

No look book was presented of the collection and a small peek preview sent only yesterday, leaving much wonder over the final result.

Lykke Li had previously spoken of the collection and confirmed that it would reflect her own personal style of a monochrome silhouette and nomadic nature, fulfilling her need to travel light but still feel empowered.  She describes it as a style grown out of pure necessity with no space for frills or colours, only quality.

The collection features an almost entirely black profile, with luxurious textiles such as leather, silk and cashmere in prominence. The garments are classic with an inspired twist for personality, with erratic influences from various decades as shown in the bellbottom trousers or the boxy blazer.

The collection is accessorised with a smattering of rough-hewn gold jewellery, a small final touch perfectly visualising the style Lykke Li has presented through her melancholy songs.









 Check out the collection at &Other Stories.

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