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It’s that time of year again for the new IKEA catalogue! As one of the most heavily circulated published pieces of work, the IKEA catalogue finds its way into the hands of millions across the world every year around mid- August. With fall just around the corner and the cold weather coming soon there is no better time to re-decorate. Whether you are looking for a new closet, a way to organize your life better, or just for a way to add a touch of modern Scandinavian design – IKEA never fails to impress.

New Knopparp sofa.

New Knopparp sofa.

Now let’s start with the IKEA story. It began on a small farm in southern Sweden with a young boy named Ingvar Kamprad who knew, even at a young age, that he wanted to start his own business one day. He began selling matches to his neighbors and to other farms around the age of seven. As he got older he started selling others items like flower seeds, greeting cards and nylon stockings, all of which were sold at a reduced price.

When he turned 17 his father gave him money as a graduation gift. He used this money to create his own business in 1943. He called it IKEA; using his own initials from his name I.K., the E from Elmtaryd the farm on which he was raised and finally he used the A from Agunnaryd the village the farm resided in.

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As the business grew more and more each year Ingvar Kamprad decided to introduce furniture to his business. Eventually the small company was no longer able to thrive just by making individual sales calls and advertising in local newspapers so the company lunched their first catalogue in 1951. This launch was soon followed by the opening of the very first IKEA furniture showroom in  Älmhult, Sweden which was followed by the first store opening also in  Älmhult in 1958. Out of this, the brand quickly grew to a success and eventually into what we know IKEA to be today.

The brand still upholds its founding values to this day which is to make nice products available for everyone at a reduced price. Nearly 60 years since its first catalogue IKEA still sells great furniture with great sensibility.

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For years IKEA has been synonymous with Scandinavian design around the world. The brand embraces the main Scandinavian design concepts of functionality, effortless simplicity and of course stark, elegant modernity.

In addition they harbor the newest talent out of Northern Europe including Danish textile designer Magrethe Odgaard who was one of the designers for the PS 2014 collection and Icelandic designer Sigga Heimes who has been designing for IKEA since the late 90s. IKEA also has a lot of designer collaboration, for example just this year IKEA teamed up with Danish design company Artrebels to make an exclusive limited- edition line entitled Bråkig, meaning rebellious or rowdy.

Some of our favorite pieces from this year's catalogue.

Some of our favorite pieces from this year’s catalogue.

In this year’s catalogue we saw bits of everything that IKEA is famous for from organizational prowess to new colors everyone can easily introduce to their homes. One of the highlights of this years catalogue was the new PS 2014 collection. Its the eighth PS collection IKEA has presented and this year its focus is on the way people live today. It came to life by way of 20 designers situated all around the globe. Their inspiration arose from the modern and ever growing trend of living in unconventional spaces or never living in one place for too long. Its all about living “in the moment” and being “on the move”.

IKEA PS 2014 Collection

IKEA PS 2014 Collection

Many of the items you see here are part of the much loved IKEA PS 2014 line!

Many of the items you see here are part of the much loved IKEA PS 2014 line!

Another IKEA collection that was widely present in this years catalogue is their high- end Stockholm line. The designers of the Stockholm collection wanted to make strong individual products that stand out on their own and work well together as a collection. The Stockholm collection focuses on balanced proportion, timelessness, smart craftsmanship, supreme comfort, and clever multi-use functions. Designers took inspiration from the 50s and 60s as well as from nature. You can see where they got their inspiration from its eye- popping color, and interesting textures and soft lines.

IKEA's Stockholm line. Rug is the new Sillerup rug.

IKEA’s Stockholm line. Rug is the new Sillerup rug.

Now let’s take a look at the actual catalogue! From new bedrooms to living rooms and kitchen concepts IKEA Catalogue 2015 has everything your home deserves.



IKEA Kitchen

Children's IKEA


coatrackand shoestand

IKEA Kitchen Concept

IKEA Kitchen Concept

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To veiw the whole catalogue check your postbox at home or read it online here.

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