An „Icelandic“ hunting paradise in South-Greenland

Reindeer hunting, river fishing… or if you are interested in hiking adventures in South-Greenland and to go along the edge of the Greenland Glacier: You can experience one or all of these in the land of the Icelandic reindeer farmer, Stefán Hrafn, and his partners who cooperate with the Icelandic firm Lax-a. This is the place where Stefan says that the snowbirds fly backwards.

greenland hunting houses wideHe’s tall and with the blue eyes of his Icelandic ancestors; one could think of the blue sky over Greenland or the sea which wriggles in the form of waves which seem to bring greetings from the world beneath where the mermaids swim like the morning doesn’t exist.

His two dogs – Maximus and Chewbacker; usually called Chewy – are like his shadow.

The name of the reindeer Station: The Isortoq Reindeer Station.

The green pasture of the reindeers has been Stefan’s world for the last 30 years or so and hunters all over the world have through the years come during the summer times to hunt – be it fish or reindeer. Stefan and his two partners now cooperate with the Icelandic firm Lax-a which sells hunting licence; well – nearly all over the world. Lax-a has built a hunting camp on the land – yes, almost in the middle of nowhere; at least you can’t go to the pub in the evening or to the movies after the catch of the day.

Yes – green pasture, beautiful hills, the Fireweeds (the national flower of Greenland), the blue see and the song of the snowbirds: You can imagine a painting – a painting without a frame. In the middle of it: A man, two dogs and a reindeer.

By a helicoper or a boat

greenland huntingThe journey to Stefan’s world starts at Reykjavík Airport where there are flights to Narsarsuaq Airport in sunny South Greenland.

„From the Narsarsuaq Airport we can arrange for arrival with helicopter. Otherwise normally the logistics are done with one of the local charter boats.“

The Lax-a camp – where there is a heliport and a pier – is called the adventurous name The Kungssuaanguaq Camp.

„At the camp there are 12 two bed cabins, a 60m2 cantina fully equipped, service houses with separate shower and toilet facilities for men and women and a sauna.

The light utilities for the camp is solar and wind powered.

The camp is built in a Nordic style log cabins joined together with a wooden walkways in between. People who reside at the camp feel at home in the family-oriented atmosohere.“

You can stroll bare footed from the sauna and to your cabin after a fresh seabath of course.

greenland hunting houses

A fish or a reindeer

Then it’s time to go fishing.

fishing hunting greenland„Our visitors who come for the angling are assigned on a trip with an experienced local guide who will boat them around to a diversity of rivers and lakes. We practice catch and release but take home to camp the fish of the day. After the char fishing it’s good to do the diversity of some cod fishing in the ocean. The Greenland cod has excellent taste fried on a pan with onions served with potatoes and sauce.“

And then there are the reindeers; the beautiful animals with the antlers that look like sculptures. Those interested in shooting one or two also get an experienced local guide who helps them to find the perfect reindeers to shoot.

„Our Camp staff helps if you have booked a catering with your visit or you can come as a self catering guest, cooking of the locally caught fish either Cod or Arctic Char or a reindeer roast on the barbie.“


Hiking expeditions

Stefan says that the hiking trails in the Isortoq area are some 120 km long with a variety of difficulty.

„The landscape and scenery along the glacier with floating icebergs in the fiords gives a magnificient scenery for the hiker. After a good day’s hike it’s nice to enjoy a sauna seabath.“

The staff can arrange hiking expeditions for 10 or more persons with a guide.

Paramotorroundup-(3)„When doing the great sermilik Isortoq trail (sermilik means the Ice fjord) it’s necessary to camp out for two nights before arriving to the Isortoq Reindeer Station Camp, where the reindeer ranch is located, where one can enjoy a warm reindeer soup and a homy farm atmosphere.“

Where the eagles soar above

Greenland eagle flyingThen there are those only interested in hiking.

„The journey from the Narsarsuaq airport continues with a boat ride through the fjords of south Greenland towards the Marraq or Muddy Flats in Qalerallit Imaa (translates into Halibut fiord). There you will settle for the rest of the day and stay overnight in the Marraq Tent Camp and lets hope some of the Greenland qivitoqs (a half a ghost and half a person) does not disturb your nights sleep.

The following day towards the Glacier of Greenland walking along the reindeer trails you can experience the snowbirds flying backwards in their surprise of seeing you and your hiking companions.“

The trail can go down to the Kugssuanguaq Tasia (or Little Creek Lake) from where a boat rowing trip relieves you of your packsack.

The second night is spent at the Kugssuaanguaq Camp with grill and story telling with a combination of a sea swim and sauna. „Kugsuanguaq is a nice warm place with some thermal winds flowing up the slopes and the North Atlantic eagles enjoy soaring above, looking for new dinner alternatives.

hiking hunting greenlandAngling is possible both in the lake and also sea fishing in the fjord and you can either grill or fry the delicious fillets. Sometimes the blue mussels are collected as a starter. At the Kugssuanguaq camp there is always reindeer meat in the freezer so guests can cater themselves with a roast on the barby if so desired.“

The fourth day the journey continues with a ferrying across the Sermilik fjord from where the hike continues along the reindeer trails by the Glacier and onward to the Sioraq river Flats where another tent camp is waiting for you in the beautiful Sioraq valley (Sandy river valley) after a 17 km hike.

The following day a rubber boat will ferry you across the Sioraq River.

The trail continues another 12 kilometers towards the Isortoq Reindeer Sation. With more comfort in accomodation, shower, laundry and spectacular views over the Isortoq laguna – it’s an adventurous place that can remind you of a pirate bay in the caribbean. Except it’s in Greenland…“

The painting now: A farmer, two dogs, a reindeer – and a pirate.

A picture without a frame.

In the sea the mermaids swim like the morning doesn’t exist.


Photo credits:
Ásgeir Pétursson
Simon Nilsson
Stefan Magnusson


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