Design Trade 2014 in Copenhagen – Influenced by passionate Design Teams

Both established and upcoming brands were showing their designs at the Design Trade 2014 in Copenhagen where more than 380 exhibitors gathered to show the designs of the next season. Several of the exhibitors at the Design Trade 2014 in Copenhagen were small design teams with a focus on innovation and well-developed products.

To me, an overall theme at the exhibition was the designers focus on quality and comfort as well as adapting to the wishes of customers without compromising a responsible and sustainable production

One of the brands was Ooh noo which came about in the year of 2000 when one of the designers became a mother and discovered a need for quality bedding.

"ooh noo" "design trade"Ooh noos products are made of pure materials that are durable and only get more soft and comfortable with time and use. The collection consists primarily of bedding for baby, todler and regular quilts but the collection also holds a few toys like the cuddling bunny.

"ooh noo" "cuddling bunny" The bunny is produced on demand and takes about eight hours to make whereupon it is dispatched to your home.

The bedding’s designs are with animals and small prints and the idea is that the bedlinen can be mixed and matched. All the items are designed and produced in Europe by hand and the durability of the products makes it possible to hand them down through generations making it environmentally friendly.

"ooh-moo-design-trade"If you are looking for more soft and decorative accessories for your home, Sen-Sen offers a collection of quality blankets and pillows with bright colors to decorate your space.

Sen-Sen is a design collaboration between two Danish textile designers Trine Runge Jessen and Helene Jensen and their names have been the inspiration for the name of the brand: JenSEN and JesSEN.

"Sen-Sen" "design trade"Nanna D is the name of their new collection and the story behind this is that it is a tribute to the award winning Danish designer Nanna Ditzel, who lived from 1923 until 2005. Nanna Ditzel was acknowledged for her jewellery, textile and furniture designs.

"Sen-Sen" "design trade"The collection consists of beautiful knitted, stripped blankets and pillows made of soft wool and cotton and all the textiles are produced in Denmark.

The small design teams share the ideology of keeping the production line clear and simple, making it possible to offer the customers inspiring stories and an assurance of quality and sustainability throughout the product chain. Judging by the exhibitors at the Design Trade 2014, this seem to be a trend that we as consumers appreciate and demand.