The life, the shoes and the new collection – Terhi Pölkki

Helsinki based shoe designer Terhi Pölkki will launch her new fall collection this weekend. The collection was showcased back in February this year, at New York Women’s Capsule trade show, and combines a minimalistic whole together with tougher details.

The inspiration behind the collection comes from Pölkki’s home country, Finland, and its cultural heritage. Inspiration was also drawn from the national costumes. The shoes have a romantic look which is balanced with edgy details and textures.

– To bring the cultural history to the wardrobes of the 21st century women, all the details need to be perfectly balanced with the form and function, says Pölkki.

The elements of colour-blocking and stiched details that run through the whole collection is a signature of Terhi Pölkki’s designs.

– The collection, colours and the use of cut-out pieces is mindful of keeping a modern aesthetic, comments the designer.


Sustainability is a keyword for Pölkki in her work.

– Whilst in London, I was working a lot in China and India as well as in Brazil for big brands. I had a chance to see the mass production closely. It’s important that designers take action for environmental friendly products as it’s only us who can make difference.

All materials used are ecological and the manufacturing process is well thought through to decrease the waste. The production is also located within the European Union with factories in both Portugal and Finland, all of which offering good work conditions for the employees.

– I have had a chance to get go know the factory owners and workers and I enjoy my visits and development trips in Portugal.

The new collection is made entirely of chrome-free leather materials and metal.


Pölkki has a master’s degree from London College of Fashion and was awarded the Cordwainers Company Scholarship in London while studying. She also received the title ”The Young Shoe Designer of The Year 2008” in Finland. The brand Terhi Pölkki was launched in 2011 with a spring/summer collection. Next up for the brand is its 5th New York Capsule Trade Show and next spring Terhi Pölkki will have her first presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week.
You can find both Terhi Pölkki’s new and old designs at and at various retailers, both online and instore, in Finland, Denmark, Germany, the UK, the US, Japan and Taiwan.

Editor’s picks from the new collection below:


Snake Lace-up & Olive Sneaker

TerhiPolkkiMorris loafer in blue/black