Spanish vs. Nordic Fashion: Valencia Fashion Week

Stunning and highly spectacular, Fashion Week in Valencia 2014/2015 was a sight to behold, in more ways than one. The next Valencia Fashion Week, the seventeenth edition, is scheduled for the coming 25-27 September, so it’s about time to summarise the 16th edition to get a feel for what’s coming up.

Although there are usually a stark contrast between Spanish and Nordic fashion, there are some similarities as well. Coupled with the fact that there are many popular Spanish fashion companies in the Nordics, we were curious and decided to attend the fashion week in Valencia and see the contrast and similarities for ourselves.

Valencia Fashion Week

With designers that presented interesting lines, edgy designs and fabrics that are appealing to the touch and marvellous to the eyes, Valencia Fashion Week was definitely an inspiration and showed us some great minimalistic designs. On top of that, we got what we expected as well: mix of colours and patterns that we are not used to here in the Nordics – or what? If we take a closer look, the HM Studio: AW 14 undoubtedly had a mediterranean feel to it.

valencia fashion week fashion week

Previous Valencia Fashion Weeks have included designs that were feminine as well as extremely glamorous. Each show incorporated in Valencia Fashion Week was at a fantastic location that gave the visitors historical insights to the city. Valencia is surprisingly beautiful and charms with its art deco architecture and the contrast of the new and old.

Some of the designers for Fashion Week in Valencia 2014/2015 include Bibian Blue, De La Rue, Miguel Vizcaino, Roberto Bassi by JDYS, Eugenio Loarce, Anillarte along with many more. Each of these designers are noteworthy in their own right and have created a line that was a spectacle on the catwalk. For instance, Eugenio Loarce has created designs that appear elegant along with being fiercely feminine. His designs include clothes for both men and women that evoke an almost artistic appeal. His use of black, white, and gold tones is exquisite. On the other hand, Bibian Blue designs outfits with a medieval approach. Her designs evoke both a royal and gothic quality with deep reds and purples as well as black and satin. Overall, Fashion Week in Valencia 2014/2015 was full of bold designs.

valencia fashion

Anillarte, see more of the collection from VFW14

bibian blue spanish fashion

Bibian Blue, see more of the collection from VFW14

black fashion spain

knitted fashion

fashion valencia miguel vizcaino

Miguel Vizcaino, the designer that most resembled the Nordic style. Check out his collection at VFW14.

Eugenio Loarce fashion

Designs by Eugenio Loarce

valencia fashion week 2014

In the middle: the well-known Spanish top model, Minerva Portillo.

Alessandro Corsini and Alexis Carballosa

Two examples of daring designs would be Alexis Carballosa and Alessandro Corsini with his concept of ‘Wearable art’.

Our favourite designer from Valencia Fashion Week

If we had to pick one designer from the Valencia Fashion Week that has the most Nordic appeal, it would be Miguel Vizcaino.

Spanish vs. Nordic fashion

The last Copenhagen Fashion Week differs from Valencia Fashion Week in its schedule with designers that have a more dominating minimalist approach. For instance, the Copenhagen-based Norwegian designer Veronica B. Vallenes has designed with simplicity in mind, with oversized coats with clean lines in high quality fabrics, turtleneck tops, and feminine skirts that evoke a prim and proper appeal. That being said, the Danish Anne Sofie Madsen has created a style that is very daring in Nordic context, with studs and very graphic patterns.

Both Fashion Weeks have their own appeal and you’ll not go home disappointed, whether you indulge in the newest fashion in Copenhagen or Valencia. Besides, Valencia as a city is an amazing treat; art deco architecture and a Malibu-like beach.

The next Valencia Fashion Week will be the 25th-27th September 2014. Copenhagen Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in the Nordic region, will be occurring the 3rd-8th August 2014.

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