9 of the Best Online Shops Offering Nordic Interior

Nordic interior does not only attract Nordic people themselves, today this style can be seen sought after in the whole world, especially in Europe and Northern America. What’s great, is that the range of shops increase, making it easier for us Northerners to find home away from home. Ikea is a blessing for all of us and with (gigantic) stores all over the world. They are fairly easy to get to, or get a delivery from – but we have more options, you just need to find them.

So what is it that is so loveable with the style that is just as reflected in our homes as it is in our clothes? Is it the clean cuts, natural colours, freshness and the ability it has to open up a room and make it seem three times bigger? Probably all of the above.

Nordic Style Magazine has listed the best shops that offer Nordic interior style abroad, so whether you’re away for a shorter period and just looking for some familiar tableware or if you are in it for the long run and need to influence your new home with your favourite décor you know where to go.

With a focus on Danish brands, Nordic Elements offers timeless products that are designed to fit into most lives and homes. They have a passion for good, quality design and their selection of brands is highly considered before presented in the store. At Nordic Elements you can find quality textiles, a big range of home accessories and kitchen servings. My personal favourites are the heavy knitted blankets and limited edition diamond sculpture.

Nordic Elements

Scandinavian Design Center can provide you with most of the things you need for your home to fulfill your needs. From a full range of bedroom furniture to BBQ grill to kitchen to garden to living room.. there’s nothing you can’t find here. All their brands are carefully selected to represent the Scandinavian countries, and there are over 170 of them for you to select from. To top it off, they also offer jewellery and fashion so you can match yourself with your home while you are at it. What are you waiting for? Go shopping now!

Scandinavian Design Center

Nordic Style offers a homey, warm interior style with Nordic written all over it. With natural colour frames like white, sand and grey it’s in line with what you’ll find in most of the Northern households, and with just a touch of French country vibes this interior style can easily build up or add into a house. Browse through their different furniture collections based on ancient times or typical settings, you can also find paint, fabrics and accessories that mirrors the Nordic décor style.

Nordic Style

Skandi Home was founded by Swedish Ellen Ripa, what motivated her was the gap between a more contemporary approach to Scandinavian interior design. Her vision of mixing modern and old classics together comes from her childhood were period pieces were often mixed with über modern style. She wanted to enable everyone to enjoy beautiful Scandinavian style to a price and budget that most of us have. At Skandi Home you can find classic pieces in high quality that will be with you for a long time, and whether that’s a nice set of plates or a classic rug that is up to you.

Skandi Home

Hus and Hem means ‘House and Home’ which is just what they represent. Create your ideal home with what they have to offer, which is a lot. Need a new bed, bed table and wardrobe? Got it. New kitchen furniture? Got it. Home office, decorations and storage? Got it. Hus and Hem will help you make your house into your perfect home.

Hus and Hem

The name will have explained itself before I do, Skandi Living represents the living of a Scandinavian. They present themselves as an online boutique that gives customers an opportunity to get a hold of high quality produced products with a stylish yet homey feel. Think old Nordic style re-designed into classic pieces to fit into your home and house. They stock some great brands such as Orrefors, Kosta Boda and Linum, and these among others are designed to create a typical Scandinavian atmosphere which means simple, comfortable and warm.

Skandi Living

Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm is one of countries’ most talked about brands, they’re as classic as it gets. Their legacy goes back to 1924 when Estrid Ericson decided to start an interior project, and 10 years later she shook hands with Josef Frank who would become her business partner. You would say that Svenskt Tenn has got a personal style with unique detailing and patterns, yet it manages to stay clean and modern. They are most famous for their iconic trays and textiles that can be found in most of the fashionable people’s home, very commonly photographed and displayed on Instagram and blogs. Also, their candlesticks and lamps are big sellers, but they offer much more than that. Visit their website and browse through their web shop, and if you happen to be in Stockholm pop into their store and enjoy some Afternoon Tea in their tea room.

Svenskt Tenn

With a huge amount of stock in all interior categories the Finnish Design Shop is last on our list but definitely not least. A new favourite on my radar as I can definitely see myself browsing the website for everything from cute cups, modern design chairs and cozy bathrobes. Finnish Design Shop offers Finnish and Scandinavian designer brands, established classics as well as new up and coming. Their range can be accessed in a large amount of countries across Europe as well as in the United States, how luxurious is that? If you haven’t been inspired already I can almost assure you that you will find it hard leaving the site once you’ve entered it.

Finnish Design Shop

Think English countryside meets French Riviera and Nordic cities and you get Maison Home Interior. They offer a wide collection for all rooms you can think off, so if you’re in need of re-decorating or just want a new dining table Maison Home Interior has got what you want. Their furniture and home accessories feel warm and easily adaptable to most styles whether you’re an all-Nordic or like to mix it up.

Maison Home Interior