Getting ready for bikini season

estelle & thildBeing 30 something and not being a fitness fanatic, I need all the help I can get, to build up my confidence  for the beach. Living in Denmark the swimsuit season is very short, so I need to make the most of it.  The three-step Body Sculpting Essentials by Estelle & Thild Stockholm offers a helping hand promosing a smoother, more toned feel, while fighting cellulite.

Start off massaging the body scrub violet on to damp skin. The micro crystals exfoliates and polishes your skin fighting celulitte and  giving it a soft glow. Second step is the slimming oil, that you apply on the areas of your body that you want to target. The oil works as a detoxer and allegedly reduces cellulite as the caffeine from organic green coffee drains excess fluids and increases microcirculation for a slimmer silhouette.  The last and final step is the firming lotion which tightens your skin and increases elasticity.

Whether or not the three steps works is to early to tell, but I love the way my skin feels and I love the smell of violets and maybe thats all I need.

Photo by: Lucasjenko Evangelion