Underwear Made Simple by Organic Basics

Purchasing underwear just got really simple and convenient by Organic Basics

A group of young men from Aarhus, Denmark have had it with expensive and bad quality underwear and as a result, they have embarked on a business adventure with the vision of producing the best possible underwear. The underwear is of exquisite quality, at a reasonable price, and at the greatest convenience. They go by the name Organic Basics.


Organic Basics is underwear made of ecological cotton and it is produced sustainably. To ensure a high production standard and product quality, the brand uses international certified suppliers. Organic Basics does not make use of price-raising logos or high-end models doing the marketing. It is simply just comfortable underwear. Through a subscription, the underwear is sold online and shipped to your home, also leaving out price-raising intermediaries.


The idea emerged nine months ago and through crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the consumers have chosen which products are the first to be put into production. This way Organic Basics is a very consumer-friendly brand, as they only produce products that are requested by the consumers.


At the moment, it is only the men who can benefit from the luxury that Organic Basics provides as the collection consists of black boxers and socks. But ladies, soon we can join the party of comfort, as womens underwear are available for funding on the website. All products are in ecological cotton, naturally.

Everyone can support the project, so go to organicbasics.dk to participate in the fight for comfortable underwear.