Editorial: Celestica

The editorial Celestica was created by a young team from Akureyri, Iceland. The team combines their two passions, art and fashion, in this editorials’ photographs. The inspiration behind was to capture the nature, northern lights and the feeling of the night sky, all portrayed by the models and different lights.

The photographer, Viðar, started photographing 2 years ago and this is the first editorial where he feels that he steps out of his comfort zone, playing with different neon lights. The editorial was not easy to implement, the town of Akureyri is very small and doesn’t have a big fashion scene. Providing clothing, space and lighting was a challenge for the team.

“We found out about a man named Helgi, who designs bizarre clothing in the countryside of Akureyri. We contacted him and he provided us with the clothes and some wigs for the models. Next, we needed a space so we got in touch with an old art gallery in Akureyri and we got to use one of their bigger halls for a week.”

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Photos: Viðar Logi
Makeup : Sunna Björk Erlindsdóttir
Models: Sabrina Atania, Asra Samper & Sigríður Hafdís
Clothes: Helgi Reynis