Fashion editorial: Coco Isabel

Fashion editorial: Coco Isabel.
“Coco Isabel” is an editorial created by a team of young Danish up-coming talents. The editorial contemplates the path to finding one’s identity, thus it is named by the model. It reflects on the experimenting path to finding one’s identity and what one’s name should represent.

The photographer behind the story is 15 year-old Emma Matell-Hyllested who has, despite her young age, shot pictures for various model agencies. The stylist is Laura Tønder, the blogger behind Couturekulten. Besides styling the editorial she has also made some of the clothes seen in the pictures. Coco Isabel is signed by Scoop Models and the make-up artist, Sarah Niri, is an experienced make-up artist.

editorial-coco-isabelBomber : Laura Tønder
editorial04Pants & top : Eleonora Carisi for Zalando
Belt : ZARA

editorial01Shirt & trousers : Rodebjer
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana
Shirt & pants : Laura Tønder
Shoes: Bershka
Skirt, shirt & hat : H&M 
Shoes : Asos
Dress : Carin Wester
Shoes : H&M


Photography: Emma Matell-Hyllested / Emmatell Photography /
Model: Coco / Scoop Models
Styling: Laura Tønder /
Make-up: Sarah Niri
Assistance: Anine Estrup