Minimalist shopping: An observer in Madrid

Two months into my challenge of not buying any clothes or shoes, I am doing quite well. I think. Especially when considering the fact that I have just returned from Madrid.

Madrid is fantastic. Really great. Great people. Great food. Great weather. Great shopping too – I guess… since this time I was primarily an observer to the art of shopping and only experienced it second hand.

To me, besides from food and culture,  shopping is a fundamental part of travelling and experiencing a new city. Some cities, like New York City and London invite you to shop at every turn, while Rome, Madrid and Mediterranean destinations invite you to a more determined, niche kind of shopping. Like shopping for inexpensive, quality leather shoes.  – But not this time.


Browsing at Christian Louboutin’s. A pair of red soles are definitely on my wish list for 2015.

Minimalist shopping

I did kind of go shopping, Though, not for me, but for my son. I also joined my husband in shopping for shoes. It’s the first time in 2014 that I have been shopping, other than for groceries or birthday presents. I have forgotten how fun it is to choose and match different kind of items. Buying new clothes also makes me look forward to a new season. I miss that. In the winter, I cannot wait until it’s summer, and in the summertime I look forward to covering up in a big coat, scarf and boots.


Cheap espadrillos on every corner, but not in my closet this summer.

In Madrid, I did not dare to take even the slightest glimpse at any of the women’s departments. There was no need to be tempted or risk becoming a bitter woman, just because I was restraining myself from shopping.

I did however, dare to join my husband at Meermin. An exclusive shoe-shop in the northern and very fashionable part of Madrid. You know that kind of location with small mulberry trees on each side of the street, with no hustle and bustle or tourists, only small coffee shops, exclusive boutiques and locals wearing their discrete, but clearly expensive clothes.


Trying shoes at Meermin Mallorca.

It’s one thing to become bitter over missing out on some items from a high street store, but missing out on these Meermin shoes is a whole other story. They are incredibly beautiful. Handmade, with a seductive smell of fresh leather. You know what I mean?

I am not exaggerating when I say that I told myself over and over again: “They are only shoes. You have all the ones you need and many more”. Gosh, what a crazy shopaholic I am (was). If this was a test, I passed, but just barely.

My wallet, including my credit card, got stolen the night before, somewhere between dinner and browsing minstrels at Plaza Mayor. A symbolic gesture somehow. Otherwise, I would have been very tempted to buy a pair of handmade shoes for myself.


My son in his new garments and I in my “old” ones at Plaza Mayor – moments before my wallet got stolen.

Even though I am doing fine wearing the clothes already in my closet, a list of quality, classic items for 2015s shopping is growing. I would love to own a really beautiful pair of gentleman-ish shoes like those from Meermin. And these beautiful pink sandals from Acne.

I am excited to see if these items are still on my list of must-haves next spring. I doubt it, but my wishes are noted for revision in 2015.

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