DesignMarch: JÖKLA by Postulína

Hi everyone! Very excited to be writing my first post here on Nordic Style Mag and even more so since it is on one of my favorite things, ceramics.

The first show I visited during DesignMarch was the opening of JÖKLA by Postulína (JÖKLA being a play on the Icelandic word for glacier). Postulína is a collaboration between Guðbjörg Káradóttir, ceramist, and Ólöf Jakobína Ernudóttir, designer. Together they design and make beautiful ceramics, ranging from jewelry to dinnerware.


Their new line, JÖKLA, is a dinnerware set, a project that won a grant from Aurora Design Fund, drawing inspiration from the color of snow and ice. The duo went on a glacier tour to find just the right color for their set, finding more than enough inspiration and beauty.

The result is amazing, delicate and ruff at the same time. The bowls, small plates and glasses are trown from porcelain but the larger pieces from clay, creating a great contrast and truly capturing the white to blue ice and the black sand from the Icelandic landscape.

The show also featured truly grand photographs of glaciers by the Icelandic photographer Vigfús Birgisson. The match was perfect and there was no doubt where the inspiration had come from.

All in all a great show and it didn’t hurt that you got to keep a little cup, thrown by Guðbjörg, after you had your shot of vodka or crowberry snaps in it.






To see more from Postulína check out the Facebook page here. I think my favorite product from them is the vase Marimo, would love one in white and another in gold.

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