Uniforms for the Dedicated

One of my favourite Swedish labels Uniforms for the Dedicated is slowly releasing Spring / Summer stock through their online store. The label places its roots back in 2002, when a dedicated group of snowboarders decided that they should be doing more to care for the mountains that provided them with so much enjoyment. Uniforms for the Dedicated was then officially established in 2007.

This collective places a strong emphasis on driving change towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

The brand has steadily built an international reputation and their newest collection entitled “We’re OK & the Smoking Fox” embodies the Uniforms for the Dedicated motto of creating inspiration while never compromising their core value of treating the Earth with respect. The fictional character ‘the Smoking Fox’ was invented to portray the gentleman that prefers action over words and keeps moving forward through life’s challenges while remaining debonair.

Created with the purpose of supplementing the consumer’s current wardrobe, SS 14 employs the use of natural colours in their basic items, while the subtle details  seen on the suit jackets and pant cuffs add personality to an outfit. This collection also features a heavy use of all over prints for the more adventurous individual.

In their words “The SS14 collection is a celebration of the individual and the gang. It’s a colourful homage to those who dare to stand up and stand out, and to those who always have your back.”

You can view the rest of the runway collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Stockholm.

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Photos by Kristian Löveborg