A whole year just browsing fashion: My challenge for 2014!

OK, this is my New Years resolution: For a whole year, I am not allowed to buy clothes or shoes.  Why? Mostly, because I recently realized that I have so many clothes, and definitely because I spend too much money on clothes.

A couple of months ago, I was causally checking all my receipts and throwing those out that had passed the expiry date. Receipts on expensive jeans, coats, shoes, more shoes, dresses and more dresses. Just too much of everything and some of the items, I could not even recall having used – EVER.

In total, I had spent about 40,000 Danish Kroner (4,500 British Pounds) on clothing in 2013.

At that point, I made a quick decision; no new clothes or shoes for a whole year. Instead, I will use the money that I’ll save to take a driver’s licence, which is about time (and quite expensive in Denmark). To make the challenge more real and well, challenging, I established the blog justbrowsing.dk as a public journal, as I am sure that I am not alone with this idea. I am sure that other women like me are also fed up with their spending habits and are therefore curious about my process.

Get more inspiration for light and dark coloured budget shopping


It’s time to repair the clothes I’ve got, soon getting these back from the tailor.

I know that there are a lot of women and men out there spending much more money on clothes than I do, but from my perspective, I spend too much. I can afford it, but is unnecessary. And when I ask myself, if I truly need all the items I bought last year, I would say no. Some of them, yes, but not all of them. Luckily, my priorities when shopping (or rather: when I used to shop) is to buy few quality products, rather than impulsively buying a lot of in-fashion-right-now-acrylic-items. This will save me in 2014.

Minimalist fashion


Yesterday, I tidied up my closet and in the process and I counted all my clothes:
– 13 jeans
– 21 skirts
– 29 dresses
– 21 tights
– 22 t-shirts
– 15 sweaters
– 13 cardigans
…and I could keep on until we reach
about 300 items.

[/col_half] [col_half_last]

Everything in fashion and in great shape  – supposedly because of their quality, but I must admit, some of them because they have only been used once or twice.

I guess there is no need to mention, that it is more combinations than I will ever need. If I just want to match a blouse with a pair of jeans, trouser, shorts or a skirt, I will have 4,018 combinations.
…Phew, that is quite a lot too.


Calculated into combinations – if I don’t care about colour coordination – I can wear a different set of clothes for 2,400 years.


Clothes I can’t remember that I’ve bought, are waiting for me in the closet.

New ways of matching clothes has been a focal point for me since I initiated my challenge. Now, one and a half month into my challenge, new ideas of using my clothes have definitely come into the show. I mix clothes in new ways and especially my shirts and sweatshirts have got a second life already. I have found out that a lot of my shirts with a small collar look great under many of my sweaters. I am also more aware of how others wear their clothes and what is coming up next season, so I can juggle with even more ways of using what I already have.

So far, I love this challenge. I am inspired on a whole other level in comparison to be able to just buy what is new. I know that I have ten months to go, but from my seat, spirit is high and I hope you’ll get a lot out of following my road to a minimalist fashion. Until next time…

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