MBFW Sthlm: Tiger of Sweden AW14

As per usual Tiger of Sweden ended this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm. And as usual it was a grande finale with the largest runway yet. And as usual it felt safe, clear and obvious what came down the runway. And that’s actually in a good way. Tiger of Sweden has always managed to create clothing of class and quality. It’s a modest colour palette with black, grey, white and brown. It doesn’t really surprise you and there’s no risk taking but as a whole it’s the most confident collection. The effortlessness of each garment gives the feeling of luxury and freedom. Each perfect outfit after another walks down in front of the large crowd.

Cameras everywhere, desperately trying to capture what definitely will be what people of Sweden will wear next fall.




tiger of sweden aw14 mbfw sthlm

tiger of sweden aw14 mbfw sthlm





Photos by Kristian Löveborg – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.