M.A.B by Martin Asbjørn Bjerre

Martin Asbjørn Bjerre draws on inspiration from the likes of Jack Kerouac and Steve Mcqueen to present us with his M.A.B collection for Fall / Winter 2014 – 15. Both men continue to inspire menswear enthusiasts around the globe and the young Danish designer channelled their inner cool and effortlessness with thus his third collection.

Martin added to his impressive selection of perfecto jackets with the inclusion of a shearling version as the focal point of this collection. The now signature slanted pockets featured, continue to add a point of difference to Martin’s outfits and he also continued to put his own spin on the use of zips which has been present since M.A.B Fall / Winter 2013.

Not one to shy away from his roots in classical tailoring Martin Asbjørn Bjerre displayed his eye for detail by reinventing the classic double breasted suit. Opting to close with one button instead of six, which gives the jacket greater flexibility in both casual and formal settings.

Keep a look out for the M.A.B webshop set to open later in the year.


Images courtesy of Martin Asbjørn Bjerre