MBFW Sthlm: Cheap Monday AW14

Wow, wow, wow.
Everything and anything with Cheap Monday A/W 14 was mesmerizing. Just entering Kulturhuset in central Stockholm and being treated popcorn and drinks in glass bottles with striped straws made it clear that this show was planned out. From waiting in line until the very end.

The showroom was dark and in the middle of the room the male and female models stood in pairs dancing slowly cheek to cheek. Each pair was lit up by a cone of smoke and dull blue-ish light. The show started with Atomic Kitten’s old hit “Eternal Flame” vibrating through the air. Everything brought up memories one didn’t know one possessed. We were back at a high school dance. Feverish kissing in the cloakroom, being completely in love and not knowing there is more to life ahead.

The collection was youthful and fun but still stripped down. A mixture of Manchester, faux fur and stone-washed jeans was reappearing.
The collection was enhanced by the show. Being able to get such emotions bubbling to the surface and bring back those memories of the past is a job well done. The show ended with what must have been the loudest of applause yet.

cheapmonday1 cheapmonday2 cheapmonday3 cheapmonday4 cheapmonday5 cheapmonday6

Photos by Kristian Löveborg – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week