Fashion Editorial by Young Aspiring Talents: ‘Trapped’


Photographer: Angelina Bergenwall, 
Stylist: Ellen Pan
Model: Jonas Eriksson

fashion editorial_1

This team of young Swedish people created an exciting and refreshing fashion editorial in the industrial/urban setting of Stockholm, expressing the illusion of the human body trapped in the burdens of society. This is illustrated through the usage of textures and materials that are rough and different, also adding a certain darkness to the atmosphere.



“Today we are detained. We are unknowingly tangled in our own values. We do what we want to do, we die our death but we don’t take responsibility of our own actions. In ”Trapped” we wanted to create the illusion of a human body caged by the burdens of society” says model Jonas Eriksson. “Imagine a sea creature caught in the fishing net of luring waters, trying desperately to break free. By using unexpected materials, silhouettes and shapes we attempted to illustrate this image in a metaphorical, timeless manner.”

The story is portrayed by up and coming model Jonas Eriksson in the beautiful scenery of Stockholm waters.






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