Young director wins Faroese film award

Dávur Djurhuus is the winner of the Faroese film award Geytin 2013. The prize was given to the young film director during an award ceremony held last week at the Nordic House in the Faroese capital Tórshavn. The award is named after projectionist Herálvur Geyti who travelled around the Faroe Islands to screen films many decades ago.


The winning short film, “Terminal”, is an inspiring exploration of the director´s personal philosophy of life, people and preconception – “hopefully without being too judgmental”, as Dávur says. The piece was shot on location in London, where the 25-year-old has graduated from Met Film School a few months ago.

Dávur´s passion has always been in telling stories. “I have always thought a lot about how the world works and how all of us, in one way or another, are connected to each other”, the Faroese remarks. After having moved from tiny Tórshavn to the glittering metropolis of London, this fascination only grew stronger. Having to commute one hour back and forth from school, Dávur started to observe the behavior and interactions between his fellow travellers. The idea for “Terminal” was born.

faroese-film-the-terminal faroese-film-the-terminal

As for 2014, Dávur is planning on trying something new. A new place to live maybe. “I have considered places like Copenhagen and actually Berlin as well”, the young film maker says. “But I have also thought about going to Bolivia for a few months to do voluntary work.” So everything at the moment is quite open. But one thing is for sure: “I will continue working with films.”

The next screening of “Terminal” will be on January 19th at the London Short Film Festival.


Stephan Lücke