Sunday Sweetness: Sirena

singer sirena

Mysterious singer Sirena is a singer/songwriter from Sweden who caught our attention with her melancholic pop music. Not just taken by her music talent but also she has a wicked style and her music videos embody fairytale world of mystery, beauty and childhood. We were eager to find out more and Sirena was kind enough to answer few of our questions, without further ado lets dive in.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
-My name is Sirena, I live in the city of Stockholm and I was born in Barcelona. I’m an artist, singer and songwriter. Music is my greatest love in life. My star sign is Scorpio, Scorpios are kind of trippy and spiritual, which I am, I’ve always been dreaming in my inner space, and I always try to go my own way

When did you decide you wanted to a musician?
– I’ve always known that music was ny higher calling, I remember telling my mother when I was six that I knew i would become a Singer And I actually recorded an album when I was seven, with my own Christmas songs, hehe.
As a young teen I felt that society was against me, everyone told me that my dream was impossible, that I had get a “normal” job as everyone else, so I repressed my dream. Luckily I gathered my senses when i grew older, I know I can’t live without singing and creating. I’m on a great journey, following my higher calling.

singer sirena

What inspires you when creating music?
– When I’m calm and present everything inspires me, I like meditation, an infinite source of ideas and melodies. But of course I get a lot of inspiration from other artists philosophers, musicians, movies, people around me, cities, nature..

Best advice ever given?
– Follow your destiny, and be in the moment.

What are your dreams?
– I have many dreams! Dreams are powerful. My biggest dream of all is to make a difference in this world, heal people with my music and create forever

From the music industry, with which artist/producer would you like to collaborate with in the future?
– One of my other dreams is to collaborate with Coldplay. It would be beyond everything to work with them

What else can we expect from you in the future?
– I’m writing a lot of new amazing songs for my upcoming album and have started some interesting collaborations and I will release my next single in February.

What is your motto or the advice you live by?
– Life is too important to be taken seriously, the present is a gift.

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