Holiday Shopping – Nordic Decorations

Yesterday we had home decorations shopping, today I introduce to you some of the most traditional decorations you can find in the Scandinavian homes during the holidays. Some of these decorations that make your home look more cozy and warm can be DIY things and are very easy to make. The steps are not difficult to follow and you do not need many materials. I will try to present to you a little bit of each Nordic country, but most of them are common things.

Angel Chimes

This is an original Swedish Angel Chime Design from 1948, including four candles and assembly diagrams. This is also available in tea light rotary candle holder version with one candle and also with other symbols beside the angels, such as the deer.


Available on Amazon here.


Advent Candle

Commonly used by all the Nordic countries in different versions. Some countries use the December candle, having instead of four candles only one, and others use it the traditional way, with four different candles, lighting them up one after the other as the Advent is passing by.



Skandinavisk 140 hour Advent Candle with the title “hygge“, the Nordic word for cozy. Shop online here.

The Nordic Flags

The Scandinavians use their flags almost everywhere, on gift wrapping, birthday cakes and during the holidays on the Christmas tree.



Traditional Christmas Ornaments from Finland. These geometrical forms are made out of straws and are very easy to make.



House Candleholders


Christmas Hearts

This Christmas Heart can to be found hanging in windows and on the Christmas tree. There are very easy to make and pretty to look at.



Welcome lights

These “Welcome Lights” are usually handcrafted from Swedish pine and the role of placing them in the Nordic Home is to welcome their guests in the dark winter times. You can usually see them in the windows and now, in the modern days, these stars light up the Scandinavian homes, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year as well.



God Jul

“God Jul”, the Nordic version of “Merry Christmas” also sometimes being “Glædelig Jul” is present in the homes of the Nordics during the winter times. It can be found in the pillow version or as a home decoration placed in the window, having the letters separately.




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